Accelerating replication
for smarter and
cleaner mobility

RECIPROCITY aims at transforming European cities into climate-resilient and connected, multimodal nodes for smart and clean mobility through an innovative four-stage replication approach.

What’s new

RECIPROCITY organised three replication roadmap definition workshops across Europe

The RECIPROCITY project organised a set of three cross-border Replication Roadmap Definition Workshops across Europe destined to private stakeholders and public representatives from the mobility sector. Each of the workshop
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Momentum – Modelling Emerging Transport Solutions for Urban Mobility

Disruptive technologies and emerging mobility solutions such as MaaS (Mobility as a Service), CAVs (Connected Automated Vehicles), new shared mobility services and demand responsive transport, are bringing radical changes to
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Join us in November at our Mobility Roadmap Workshops

The RECIPROCITY project will soon organise a set of three cross-border Mobility Roadmap Workshops destined and open to any interested mobility stakeholder willing to learn more about the previous results
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