Accelerating replication
for smarter and
cleaner mobility

RECIPROCITY aims at transforming European cities into climate-resilient and connected, multimodal nodes for smart and clean mobility through an innovative four-stage replication approach.

What’s new

RECIPROCITY has launched a call for tender to select financial experts for mobility projects

IAF,  RECIPROCITY project’s partner in Spain, has launched a call for tenders to select a Technical Service of Financial Experts for Mobility Projects. The contract will be of 8 months
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RECIPROCITY supported an EU-wide replication of innovative mobility solutions at its first Mobility Mission in Paris

From June, 22nd to June, 24th, NextMove welcomed a RECIPROCITY delegation in France. This Mobility Mission gathered participants  and city representatives from the RECIPROCITY ecosystem and from all over Europe:
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Catch up on our last webinar on “Mobility as a service (MaaS)”!

The third RECIPROCITY webinar organised in June 2022  discussed the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) concept while focusing on multimodality and inclusion. The first part of the webinar was dedicated
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Check our new Information & Communication Platform!

Within its Replication Framework (see below), RECIPROCITY is developing a one-stop-shop Information & Communication Platform hosted by our sister OPINA project where you will have immediate access to relevant information and services supporting you in the implementation and replication of mobility solutions.

Learn more about the RECIPROCITY replication framework

It will facilitate your search for the right information to replicate mobility solutions in your city or municipality by providing you with

  • the right contacts,
  • targeted knowledge and learning materials,
  • an innovative matchmaking tool (to be launched in September 2022)
  • collected good practices, and
  • financial and legal expertise and support

on a variety of mobility topics – from autonomous driving to MaaS – in only one platform!

  • Shared exclusively with you – our RECIPROCITY stakeholders!
  • Save your time and money for search!
  • Get free access and make use of advisory services funded through RECIPROCITY!

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