Join us in November at our Mobility Roadmap Workshops

The RECIPROCITY project will soon organise a set of three cross-border Mobility Roadmap Workshops destined and open to any interested mobility stakeholder willing to learn more about the previous results of RECIPROCITY and analyse different mobility use cases for replication adapted to local cases. Each of the three workshops will focus on a different geographic area of Europe – Eastern European Workshop, Central European Workshop and Western European Workshop.

The workshops will gather a group of renowned mobility experts from the so-called “lighthouse cities” aiming to use their experience and expertise to help “follower communities” and other less mobility-advanced cities identify replicable mobility solutions and opportunities adapted to different local contexts. As such, relevant replicable use cases as well as the most effective ways to implement them in different geographic areas will be identified and discussed. This will result in the creation of Replication Roadmaps for “follower cities” including aspects such as long-term strategy, requirements for governance and roles, resources and responsibilities, etc.

Find below the already confirmed dates for the three aforementioned workshops.


  • Western European Mobility Roadmap Workshop : 3 November 2021 (REGISTER HERE)
  • Eastern European Mobility Roadmap Workshop : 9 November 2021 (REGISTER HERE)
  • Central European Mobility Roadmap Workshop : 18 November 2021 (REGISTER HERE)

More information on the registration, agendas and other workshop-related details will come soon. Make sure to check our website regularly and subscribe for our RECIPROCITY Newsletter to keep posted with the latest news!

Note: In view of the ongoing pandemics, the happenings are likely to take place in a “hybrid” format with the possibility to attend either digitally or physically.