Our city network

Network of cities all over Europe

The RECIPROCITY network counts more than 20 cities and a substantial number of mobility experts and stakeholders. It is aimed at facilitating knowledge exchange and mutual learning among cities and related stakeholders with the objective to support wide-scale replication of existing mobility solutions across Europe. The stakeholders represent the quadruple helix:

These involved cities exchange experience, knowledge and best practices through a set of different activities organised during the project.

One of such activities includes the development of a dedicated Information & Communication Platform for cooperation and co-development. This platform, developed and made available in 2022, will serve as a means to provide matchmaking between mobility practitioners, city representatives, investors and other stakeholders. It will also be a repository for all recommendations, reports and outputs of the RECIPROCITY project supporting wide-scale replication of sustainable mobility solutions and ensuring an effective knowledge exchange.

Besides the platform, RECIPROCITY will organise a series of webinars, workshops and sessions on mobility and related issues. This will allow the involved cities to identify their needs and exchange with a number of experts.

Group of like-minded projects

RECIPROCITY belongs to a community of projects contributing to the objectives of the CIVITAS Initiative.

CIVITAS is one of the flagship programmes helping the European Commission achieve its ambitious mobility and transport goals, and in turn those in the European Green Deal.

It does this by acting as a network of cities, for cities, dedicated to sustainable urban mobility. Through peer exchange, networking and training, CIVITAS fosters political commitment and boosts collective expertise, equipping cities to put mobility at the centre of decarbonisation.

Moreover, RECIPROCITY also cooperates with the OPINA project funded by the European Union (EU Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) II) and the Republic of Turkey.

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