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RECIPROCITY agenda full of exciting activities for 2022 and 2023

RECIPROCITY continues the substantial work done in the first half of its duration and plans many exciting activities for the remaining fifteen months of the project. One part of the first period was dedicated to the identification of key mobility stakeholders from all over Europe with whom a close communication and exchange have been established. Furthermore, the RECIPROCITY partners worked closely with these stakeholders to identify and select interesting successful mobility use cases susceptible to be replicated in the follower cities.


In the second part of the project, RECIPROCITY will launch innovative support tools and organise several targeted and more focused activities to dive deeper into the different aspects (financial, legal, technological, socio-economic) related to replication of the selected use cases and help cities define their replication roadmaps while enhancing matchmaking, knowledge exchange and cooperation between different groups of stakeholders.

Below you can find a summary of the upcoming activities including essential information for each.

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RECIPROCITY events for 2022 and 2023

1) Mobility Missions

Description: Four ‘Mobility Missions’ will be organised, each in a different lighthouse city, where stakeholders will:

  • Hear about the lighthouse city ecosystems and learn about best practices, tools and procedures for successful implementation of mobility solutions;
  • Visit key facilities, meet with local organisations and see real successful use cases;
  • Participate in a capacity-building workshop (see activity 2 below), a business model generation workshop (see activity 4 below) and individual meetings to further discuss best practices and identify key replication tools and solutions.

Location and Date: 

  1. Paris (France), 22-24 June 2022: Register now and find more information HERE
  2. Helsinki (Finland), September 2022
  3. Istanbul (Turkey), April 2023
  4. Vienna (Austria), June 2023

Target stakeholders: RECIPROCITY stakeholders and any other interested stakeholders.


2) Mobility Training

Description: Drawing upon the work done and results generated in the first part of the project, RECIPROCITY will organise mobility training activities helping local stakeholders to build capacity and get the necessary knowledge to replicate mobility solutions. Three main activities are offered:

  • Six webinars: Providing an exhaustive view on the state-of-the-art of specific mobility use cases and feedbacks on implementation of selected mobility solutions;
  • Eight capacity building workshops: Two workshops per mobility mission (one during and one after) supporting stakeholders in the definition of their replication roadmaps and discussing main replication challenges and opportunities.
  • Eight one-to-one-sessions: Diving more into details on specific replication aspects.

Location and Date:  The activities will take place online and physically. The next capacity building workshop will be organised during the Paris Mission on 22-24 June, 2022 (find more information HERE!, see activity 1 above). The rest is to be defined.
Check our “Events section” and social media regularly to not miss anything!

Target stakeholders: RECIPROCITY stakeholders and any other interested stakeholders.


3) Mobility Assemblies

Description: Three one-day Mobility Assemblies will be organised back-to-back with large-scale mobility events. These events will discuss key mobility topics and provide networking opportunities to all participants through different activities:

  • Pitches/presentations: Public/private actors, initiatives, projects, ideas;
  • Speed networking/dating: pre-arranged exploratory & personalised 1-to-1 meetings;
  • Working group meetings/world-café discussions: multilateral meetings to stimulate cooperation along specific topics: intelligent transport infrastructure, shared mobility, seamless public transport, etc.;
  • Information sessions about funding sources, success factors, best practices from lighthouse cities, etc.

Target stakeholders: RECIPROCITY stakeholders and any other interested stakeholders.

Location and Date: 

  1. Mobility Assembly 1: Helsinki (co-located event, to be defined)
  2. Mobility Assembly 2: Barcelona (November 2022)
  3. Mobility Assembly 3: Brussels (co-located event, to be defined)


4) Business Model Generation Workshops

Description: Three Business Model Generation Workshops will be held during three Mobility Missions (France, Finland and Austria). As mobility projects are complex, it is highly unlikely that generic business models can be applied to different cities or solutions, especially given the variations in needs, priorities, costs and requirements among cities. RECIPROCITY aims to design a portfolio of mobility business model patterns for urban mobility, which can be tailored to local contexts, for the cities in the replication ecosystem. The workshops will help cities to develop fair, sustainable, self-maintaining and politically acceptable business models that encourage cross-sector collaboration.

Location and Date: 

  1. Paris Mission (France), 22-24 June 2022: Register now and find more information HERE
  2. Helsinki Mission (Finland), September 2022
  3. Vienna Mission (Austria), June 2023

Target stakeholders: RECIPROCITY stakeholders.

RECIPROCITY tools to support stakeholders in replication

1) Financial & Legal Helpdesk (FLHP)

Description: RECIPROCITY will set up a financial and legal helpdesk (FLHP) of experts to support cities with all financial and legal issues related to their replication projects. The helpdesk will produce useful publications (case studies, good practice examples, funding guidelines, etc.), prepare short training videos and be available via e-mail, telephone and videoconference to advise cities on:

  • Public funding options: Facilitating access to existing sources of funding available for mobility projects at regional, national and EU level.
  • Financing options for mobility projects: Advice on the proper funding mix (venture capital, loans, guarantees, equity, crowdfunding, etc.) and financing options (externalisation of investment cost and risk, tax concessions, fee reductions, etc.)
  • Institutional and legal matters: Technical advice on legal issues and regulatory framework related to the rollout of intelligent, automated, and connected mobility.

Foreseen date of launch: Within 2022.

Target stakeholders: All RECIPROCITY stakeholders.


2) Information & Communication Platform & Matchmaking tool

Description: RECIPROCITY will develop an Information & Communication Platform including matchmaking features to facilitate cooperation, co-development and knowledge exchange between mobility stakeholders. This platform will be based on the OPINA Platform, which is an EU-funded software platform for European public and private bodies involved in smart and clean mobility developed within our sister project OPINA. The scope of the platform will be:

  • To serve as a repository for all the recommendations, reports and outputs of the project;
  • To provide matchmaking services for innovative mobility solutions, establishing a link between “suppliers” and “customers”, mainly public organisations such as city councils, regional authorities, transport operators, etc;
  • To facilitate access to financial and legal expertise through the FLHP.

Foreseen date of launch: Within 2022.

Target stakeholders: Available to all interested stakeholders.


Make sure to check our ‘News and Events’ section and social media regularly to not miss any news and events! 

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