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RECIPROCITY organised three replication roadmap definition workshops across Europe

The RECIPROCITY project organised a set of three cross-border Replication Roadmap Definition Workshops across Europe destined to private stakeholders and public representatives from the mobility sector. Each of the workshop covered a different geographic part of Europe – Eastern, Central and Western.

The main focus of the workshops was to analyse a set of various mobility use cases and their potential to be replicated to local cases. In total, almost 50 use cases were identified and evaluated in close cooperation between project partners and involved stakeholders prior to the workshops. As such, different criteria was considered in this evaluation process (potential to replicate, related costs, barriers, etc). Based on this assessment, each use case was given a final note from 1 to 5 (1 – low interest/not relevant, 5 – high interest/ very relevant). The use cases having obtained the highest rating were then prioritised and discussed as part of the three workshops.

The Western European Workshop was organised on 3 November 2021 and was attended by 56 from 10 different stakeholders cities/regions. Three main use cases were discussed – one related to MaaS, one to sustainable tourism mobility and one to e-charging facilities. The discussions created a solid ground for further analysis.

On 9 November 2021, 30 participants from 6 different regions/cities took part in the Eastern European Workshop. The participants discussed the replication potential of three use cases – an autonomous shuttle solution for passengers, a cross-border mobility app and an MaaS solution. The workshop defined critical points related to the replication of the cases and set a basis for replication roadmap.

And finally, The Central European Workshop took place on 18 November 2021 and gathered 27 participants including 6 cities. It discussed the replication of four pre-selected use cases – two related to Maas and two related to autonomous shuttle solutions . A total of four cities were interested in the replication of these. A follow-up workshop is planned to further discussion the most suitable ways of replication of the selected cases.

Various workshops, webinars, events and site visits will be organised in the following months to support cities in the replication of the defined solutions and help them in their journey towards green mobility.



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