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RECIPROCITY supported an EU-wide replication of innovative mobility solutions at its first Mobility Mission in Paris

From June, 22nd to June, 24th, NextMove welcomed a RECIPROCITY delegation in France. This Mobility Mission gathered participants  and city representatives from the RECIPROCITY ecosystem and from all over Europe: Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Turkey, Spain, Finland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Belgium and more.

RECIPROCITY aims at creating links between European cities in order to create a better institutional, legal, and financial environment to foster the replication of innovative and sustainable mobility projects. The Mobility Mission was part of the WP2-LEARN activities and its goal was to equip the participants with the contacts, tools and ideas necessary to implement mobility projects in their home cities.

As an opening to the mission, participants were welcomed with a typical French lunch at Issy-les-Moulineaux. It was the first face-to-face opportunity for partners and involved cities to get to know each other and share their ideas and expectations about the project and more specifically about the mission. The present stakeholders were then able to meet with Eric Legale and Luca Fayoux-Cinelli, both working at Issy-les-Moulineaux. Eric Legale and Luca Fayoux-Cinelli were able to explain to participants the political vision of Issy-les-Moulineaux’s Mayor, André Santini, when it comes to mobility and their wish to innovate everyday and share the real-life lessons learned. One of the solutions used, My Anatol, was also presented during this meeting. It is worth noting that My Anatol is one of the use-cases selected during the WP1-IDENTIFY RECIPROCITY activities.

During the second day of the mission, participants attended a capacity-building workshop at Station F (Paris), facilitated by NextMove’s team. The workshop’s activities were based on real life best-practices and lessons learned. Participants were able to think together about solutions to the issues presented and how these could be used to solve their issues when it comes to the implementation and/or replication of smart mobility projects. A follow-up workshop will be organised in the next months.

After the workshop, participants attended NextMove’s annual event in Le Havre (Normandy). The event gathered 300 participants from different sectors: cities, local authorities, start-up, SME, industry, etc. Participants were able to discover the 34 exhibitors’ products and services as well as to meet with local stakeholders. They also attended automotive future-based conferences, including a keynote by Luc Julia, Directeur Scientifique, Groupe Renault (Ex-Directeur du programme SIRI, Apple).

On the last day, participants came back to Station F. They met with Paris-based start-ups from le Moove Lab and were able to discuss with them their needs and requirements concerning the implementation of smart mobility projects. The afternoon was dedicated to a business-model workshop led by our partners Dowel and Zone, which focused on the financial framework needed to implement hydrogen and electric infrastructures in European cities.

The next steps were then discussed as follows: organising a second capacity-building workshop, organising a second business workshop and following up with participants in order to see if they were able to put into action the learnings from the mission.

The next mission will take place in Helsinki in October, 2022. You can contact the RECIPROCITY team in order to learn more about the agenda and see if it can match your needs! In the meantime, follow the RECIPROCITY project on social media and sign up for our project newsletter so you can be aware of all the upcoming face-to-face or digital activities!




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